Thinking of being a BEMAN Athlete?


Can you hear it? Can you feel it?  The noise of the crowd cheering for your team? Your heart pounding after you made a good play or move? 

Being a part of a team is special - one is representing the school, one's family and wanting to a be a better player and person.  Beman has a rich sports history with many great teams and athletes. But what is most important  is the desire of our athletes to reach goals, and exhibit good sportsmanship and respect to their teammates, their opponents and fans. 

Step 1: Sign up online with Family ID (on the Beman website on the Athletics page). A parent/guardian needs to do this  because of  the information needed. This must be done before the first day of practice.
Step 2: Make sure the nurse has the copy of a current physical. If needed, the School based Health Center can give you a sports physical if you sign up as a member. 
Step 3: Attend the practices daily and you and your parent/guardian need to attend the Meet the Coaches event . This meeting will happen early in the season where all information about the team will be given and paperwork completed . This is an important meeting to attend - some teams hand out uniforms .
Step 4: Attend the Sports Awards Night at the end of the season. You deserve and earned the recognition!
Step 5: Return your uniform to the coach. Your season is over and it's time to start something new.

Attending practices will only make an athlete better and prepare  for the season's activities. Missing practice may also be the reason an athlete doesn't play - practice is not only to practice skills, but to learn to work together with teammates and to be able to participate safely. The harder one works, the better they become.

Sports can be an avenue to becoming a better person. Practicing good sportsmanship, learning time management with your sport and school work, and learning to work well with others are some of the benefits of sports involvement.  Making good decisions on the court/field/mat can help you and your team be successful - and can carry over to your life choices. Team is family - and all should be working towards the same goal. Be the best that you can be!