ONLINE REGISTRATION - Parents must register their child using Family ID - an online registration program. The link is :
You can register by copying and pasting this link or going to the Athletics home page. Please read the introductory letter, then register your child. A current physical must be up loaded or given to the school nurse. This is a new process but will eliminate all the paperwork and will prove to be a better system once we all get used to using it.
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CONTACT INFORMATION - Please make sure your child's coach has your current contact information for phone calls and emails. It is easier for the coach to give out information to all by email, if possible.

COMMITMENT- Being a member of a sports team demands commitment from your athlete. Practices prepare the athlete for competition by improving fitness levels and learning to work together. Encourage your child to be the best he/she can be by practicing hard, attending daily practices and having fun! Allow your child to grow and build their own relationships with the coach and the their teammates at practices and games.  Support them but give them their space to grow and learn.          

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CANCELLATIONS - The school will send a power message to all those signed up to get them for cancellations or sudden game/practice changes. Make sure you have signed up to receive these messages. - Parents can sign up on this website to receive cancellations for their sport. Once on the website, scroll to the bottom for CIAC Quick Links. Click on E-Mail & SMS Updates to register to get these messages. Once a game is canceled, it will be put on the CIAC website and relayed to you.

Our sports/activities  are privileges - grades and school behavior must be acceptable. Know the policy and help keep your child on track so they may participate in our school programs. Poor behavior and low grades might prohibit your child from learning from the athletic experience.

Transportation needs to be provided by you. Please pick up your child at the end of practice. Our coaches have to stay with the athletes until picked up - please be on time! Car pooling is a great idea...

Parents are one of our greatest resources in our school. Thank you for encouraging your child to participate in our sports program. You have allowed your child to be an ambassador for our school!                
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